Some of our favourite pets in 2014!

Sometimes it's hard for our house sitters to say goodbye to the pets at the end of their homesitting assignments.

Introducing just some of the animals that we took good care of while their owners were away on business or for personal trips.  Enjoy and please send us your own pictures to post up on our blog!

Not all of our animals are cats or dogs...Llamas and Alpacas are popular out on lifestyle blocks around NZ:


Gentle Annie had special needs and was rescued by the Humane Society.  She has a good home for life with kind owners in Albany:


Cat + fire = winter - our house sitter found it hard to get close to the warm fire as Gobi had prime position!:


The 'chicken ladies' of Mt. Roskill delivered up four eggs a day for our sitter.  Neighbours and friends got regular gifts of free range eggs:


Elvis and Sneakers are the best of friends:


Sneakers tries to work out this stuff called water:


Spenzi is a sweet old lady Blue Heeler living out her days in the sun in the Bay of Plenty: