What kind of people House sit?

Jane and her husband own a lifestyle block with a menagerie of animals in Taranaki, but with the downturn in oil and gas exploration, she now commutes regularly to senior contract work at Auckland Uni. and to see her children and grandchildren.

Susan is an ex-pat mother living in Jakarta for her husband’s work, who returns as often as possible to Auckland to be near her three children at boarding school during the terms.

Pat and Graham are an active retired couple who’ve been with us for 4 years and are booked months in advance – they’d only intended to sit for a year but are still touring the country!

Colin and Kerry from the West Coast want to be regularly in Nelson and Christchurch over the next year.

Melanie is a divorced mum of two teenagers keeping rental costs down for several months to catch up financially after splitting up the marital home and assets.

Ruth has started a new small business and is sitting to keep her rent and costs low during its first year.

They all take their sitting assignments seriously and go the extra mile with kindness and care - we honestly think we’ve got some of the top sitters in NZ!