The safety of our sitters is very important to us. We recommend that for your own security and safety, and as you take responsibility for the home owner's property and pets, you make sure that your family or a friend know where you are.


Give someone the street address and phone land-line where you’re house sitting and ensure this person stays in regular contact with you during the sit.


It’s highly unlikely - but possible - that an accident or something completely unexpected might happen while you’re on assignment, so this would enable them to contact Homesit, local police or other services.


They could urgently let them know of pets you are caring for and your sit address. The owners or their local contact person can then also be reached if necessary, by simply checking the emergency instructions and contact details left for you on their Homesit owner checklist.


This is particularly relevant if you're a solo sitter or doing a lifestyle block or rural sit where you're not in visual contact with neighbours or other locals.