Safety and security for our house sitters

Homesit is determined that you are safe while doing sits for us. That’s why we take great care when making sits available for our house and pet sitters.

Homesit has been providing Sitters for over 26 years now and to date we have not had any major incidents reported to us. Homesit thinks much of this is due to the care we take in selecting housesits.

Homesit will always back you up if you go to an interview and decide that the Sit is not for you or you have a sense of unease. Always follow your instinct whether it be about an overly aggressive dog, poor household security, dodgy neighbours, inadequate night lighting, no security alarms, a dirty, unhealthy or cold home or just something not quite right.

Homesit will never penalize you for staying safe.

Also be clear in discussing with the owners which family members or neighbours have keys to their property and what arrangements have been set up with them.  Agree in advance who will be able to come to the home, both when you are there, or out during the day and evening.

We have had house sitters who have been in the shower, or half-dressed when someone else – whether the owners’ family or friends - lets themselves into the property with no advance call or warning at all, giving them a terrible scare thinking it was an intruder.

Again, the safety of our sitters is a priority for us and given that they may quite rightly immediately call the police to protect themselves, please make arrangements in advance.