What do I discuss with a house sitter in advance? Tips for Home Owners


It takes a burst of time and energy to be organised with home admin. and insurance up-to-date, papers cancelled, pet food supplies laid in,  neighbours and other emergency contacts notified; and a good live-in house sitter or daily pet or security visitor booked well in advance.

Write down important things about pets and your home on a checklist

It’s important to think about all of the aspects of your home when someone new is going to be taking care of your property and pets in your absence, to be sure they’re being cared for properly and in accordance with your wishes.

Some things to think about as you prepare to talk with a prospective house sitter or daily visitor:

- Would the ideal sitter specifically be a dog or a cat lover?

- Would a solo person or couple suit your pets and situation?

- Do you need an energetic sitter, eg. for a young or big dog needing a lot of exercise?

- Do your pets have health issues, or need daily medication?

- Apart from standard duties such as collecting mail and watering plants, do you have any special requests, such as answering work pone calls, taking dogs to grooming or other appointments; or physical help on your property?

- Is the property safe and secure for a solo sitter or visitor?

To help our clients have peace of mind, we’ve developed a checklist of important things to consider and write down for your sitter or visitor to refer to.

It takes15-30 minutes to quickly note down your instructions on home security, pet feeding, exercise, personalities and routines; tradesman and emergency contacts, operating appliances and entertainment systems, plant watering, special instructions etc, but it’s time well spent.  As we read through this once we receive it from you, it helps us to recommend the very best person for your specific needs.

You'll be in agreement on everything with your sitter and won't haven’t missed anything important. It will help the sitter to quickly familiarise themself with taking care of your home and much-loved pets, their regular routines; and instructions for handling anything out of the ordinary that might arise.

Go over everything at the interview and before you leave

We recommend discussing your checklist together at your sitter interview, then emailing or giving a copy to the sitter, so they can read it again carefully and be able to ask any questions before you leave.  Leave out a copy for them to refer to during their assignment.

- If you’re interviewing in person, you’ll be able to chat and ask about previous home and pet experience and show them around - and importantly see how they get on with and interact with your pets.

- On a phone interview it’s also a chance to talk about your specific needs and ask about their experience with house and pet sitting, as well as with pet breeds or types like yours.

Covering everything important and getting everything in place well in advance means you can relax on your trip knowing everything is in reliable and capable hands and good shape on the home front.