Unexpected pet tricks - cats mowing the lawn?

Jonah is busy helping out his owners by mowing the lawn, one mouthful of grass at a time....it might take a while, but he's pretty focused!

The story behind this mowing moggie reminds us too that cats do like eating grass and other green things and it's part of their diet and (usually!) helps their digestion.

Jonah had been an overseas cat, living 5 floors up in a city apartment, before his owner brought him and his sister back to NZ with her for life in the great outdoors.  He'd always loved eating cat grass and herbs on their little balcony garden, garlic chives and parsley were big favourites.

So seeing a big lawn in front of him on this very first day outside, he just started eating and eating, he was in heaven. He ate grass for days before heading off exploring! He still missed a few patches though....